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Intuitive Ad Management for WordPress

Ads Management

WP AdCenter is a simple ads manager that lets you manage every aspect of your WordPress display advertising

Complete Ad Management

Manage all aspects of your display advertising right from your WordPress dashboard. Create, schedule, and automate your ad management easily

Truly Unlimited

WP AdCenter gives you the power to create unlimited ads and unlimited Ad Groups. Create custom ads and network ads without any capping

Signup Advertisers

With WP AdCenter, you can invite your website visitors to create and deploy their ads on your WordPress website, for an additional fee decided by you.

Advertiser Signup

Turn website visitors into paid advertisers, WP AdCenter allows you to sign-up website visitors as advertisers on your site. It is super-easy too

WooCommerce Payment Integration

Connect to your favorite payment processor like PayPal or Stripe easily with the WooCommerce Payment Integration. Now make money with Google Adsense

Reports & Geo-Targeting

WP AdCenter has an inbuilt sections, which provides custom reporting and ad block detection

Reporting and Statistics

WP AdCenter has an in-built section to provide Real time, Intuitive reports for you and your advertisers to view Ad Performance. Views, Clicks, Impressions and more

Ad Block Detection

This feature lets you detect visitors with ad blocker on their browser, this helps you request the visitor to disable the ad blocker

Rotating Ad Group & More

WP AdCenter WordPress ads plugin gives you the power to control all aspects of your ads, including rotating ads automatically as set by you.

Rotating Ad Group

The rotating ad group feature gives you the ability to schedule on-time rotations of your ads for your custom Ad Groups

Script Inserter

Insert code snippets for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or custom CSS, directly to your header, footer, or body

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Easy Network Integration

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