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Create Ads

Create dynamic and intuitive ads directly from your WordPress dashboard. Supports all standard ad sizes and allows you to customize the size of your banners


WP AdCenter WordPress advertising plugin lets you create unlimited banner ads of any custom sizes. You just have to upload an image, select the appropriate size and add details

Ad Groups

The plugin lets you group multiple ads into a single ad group and create multiple such ad groups without any limit restrictions. This helps you categorize and organize your ads

Display Ads

This ad management plugin supports different ad display options to conveniently schedule and showcase your ads

Random Ads

Using this feature, you can display random ads from selected ad groups on every refresh. This helps combat ad blindness by maximizing ad visibility

Rotating Ad Group & Ordered Ads

By using a rotating ad group you can specify on-time rotations of your ads. You can also combine single ads and display them in an ordered format

Manage Ads

WPAdCenter WordPress ads plugin works with all ad networks that support ads via Banner Images, Videos & Javascript code

Google AdSense Integration

The ‘Import from AdSense’ feature allows you to automatically insert Google Adsense code to your WordPress website without any manual coding

Other supported ad networks

Supports ads from networks like, Media.net, Amazon Advertising, BuySellAds, DoubleClick, Ezoic, InfoLinks, Tradedoubler, Awin, Getyourguide, The Moneytizer, etc

Host Third-Party Ads

With WP AdCenter WordPress ads manager plugin, you can host third-party advertisers to display their ads on your website. You can pre-approve ads and host them for a fee

Advertiser Signup

Add third party advertisers or publish advertiser signup form directly on your website. Create custom packages which the advertisers can buy using WooCommerce

Collect Payment Online

Accept payments online from advertisers. WP AdCenter ads plugin lets you easily integrate with Stripe, Paypal and any other payment gateway supported by WooCommerce

Analyze Ads

WP AdCenter has a built-in reports and statistics section to show you vital information about your ad performance

Reporting and Statistics

The plugin lets you collect graphical statistics and reports to analyze impressions and clicks performance for each of your ads and ad groups

Custom Reporting

You can export custom reports in CSV format for offline analysis. Third-party advertisers can also access the statistics area to view performance and export reports

Advanced Ad Management

WP AdCenter WordPress ad management plugin has advanced features to display location specific, plus manage ad visibility and detect ad-blockers

Location Based Ads

The ads management plugin allows you to show ads based on the geo-location of your visitors. The plugin integrates with MaxMind to identify the location and display ads

AdBlock Detection

This feature lets you detect visitors with an ad-blocker on their browser, this helps you request the visitor to disable the adblocker. This ensures that all your ads are displayed

Enhance Ads

Enhance your ad performance by customizing ads with a plethora of features. Improve factors like Views, Clicks, CTR right from your plugin interface

Script Inserter

This feature helps you add custom scripts like a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Code, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, or advert code anywhere on the page

User Role Ad Visibility

You can easily restrict ad display based on user roles. This feature will disable selected roles from tracking statistics data (Views, Clicks, CTR).


Ads.txt file is useful to verify your identity with third-party advertisers. With WPAdCenter you can easily create and update the ads.txt files

Display Ads on Specific Devices

WP AdCenter gives you the power to control ad visibility on specified devices, you can select or disable any ads to either be shown or hidden on devices like mobile,tablet or laptop

Place ads in Template File

WP AdCenter lets you insert PHP code using template tags in your theme files, this helps in storing and placing ads anywhere in your template

Weighted Ads

Assign weights to individual ads in a desired ad group, this will help control the frequency and the order in which the ads will be displayed.

Custom Alignments

WP AdCenter lets you create ads with custom alignment and styles. This helps in conceptualizing your ads to tackle ad blindness and encourages ad visibility

Frontend Ad Order Form

Display signup form on your website to help external advertisers select their desired packages to promote their ads on your website

Google Analytics Tracking Integration

Integrate easily with Google Analytics to see ad performance directly in your GA Dashboard. with Google Analytics to see ad performance directly in your GA Dashboard.​

Custom Email Notification

Directly send email notifications as ad expiry reminders to the advertisers before a specified amount of days, clicks, or views is acheived.


Display ads specifically on Accelerated Mobile Pages to reduce the loading time and to improve ad performance. These ads will not be displayed on non-AMP pages

Content Ads

This feature helps you to display ads before or after specific content present on your page. This helps in improving ad relevancy.

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