Choose “Banners” from the plugin menu and you can begin adding banners to the campaign you created. Choose your name from the advertiser drop down, give the banner a name, choose which Ad Zone it goes in from the drop down and type in the url it should go to.

You can then choose to upload a banner from your computer, link to an external banner’s URL or paste in code (HTML or Javascript).

Once the banner has been added, you can click “Current Banners” and you will see it listed. From here you can click the name of it if you want to edit it, or hover over “View” and the banner will be displayed.

If you just want to show your own banners on your site then you now know how to do it – the next stages deal with offering advertising space on your site and letting people purchase it via your website. Skip to the Checking Stastics section if you dont need this.