Ad Zones are simply places on your website that you want to show advertising in. You can create as many as you like. For example you might show a block of 4 banners in the sidebar, a larger banner in the header and a small banner at the end of each post – each one requires it’s own Ad Zone.

To create one, choose “Ad Zones” from the plugin menu and you will see a form to fill in to create it. Give the zone a name and choose a banner size from the dropdown menu. If the size you require isnt shown, then choose “custom” and enter the dimensions.

You can also give the zone a description. If you require more then one banner to be show at once, choose the “Multiple Banners” link and can choose how many to show vertically and horizontally at the same time.

The last option on this page is “Current Ad Zones” if you click this, it will list all the Ad Zones you have created for your site and clicking on their name will give you the chance to edit that zone.