How to use Google AdSense with WPAdCenter

How to use Google AdSense with WPAdCenter

WPAdCenter’s highly intuitive platform lets you run any Ad program at your WordPress site. It is a complete Ad Management Software for a site powered by WordPress. This site is essentially a publisher site. Simply put –

An advertising site is the one that wants and gets its ads published while a publishing site is the which allows ads to be published on it.

An advertiser has to pay for every click and a publisher earns for every click.
OR an alternative arrangement could be where
An advertiser and the publisher agree upon an impression system. Here, the advertiser pays a publisher for displaying its ads for a pre-decided number of times.

WPAdCenter allows a publishing site to run extensive ad campaigns. The USP of this product is its intuitiveness and clarity.

Google AdSense is the world’s biggest ad networks. WPAdCenter supports Google AdSense along with many other popular ad networks.

Lets look at how a publishing site can create ad zones and put up banners on them –

Ease of ad placement –

WPAdCenter comes with 9 standard banner sizes. You can define your ad zones using these options.

Standard Banner sizes available in WPAdCenter

It also offers a special “custom” option. You can define your own banner/ad zone dimensions with the help of this option.

Create custom banners with WPAdCenter



Putting up packages for sale –

This could be one of the most profitable decisions that a publishing site could take – Offer packages to advertisers.

Creating a package using WPAdCenter

Basically this is like renting out an ad slot to an advertiser for a fixed period.
You can put up packages for sale using WPAdCenter.

Putting up packages for sale with WPAdCenter

 You can be assured of earning through putting up such packages for sale at your site.

Comfortable campaign creation –

You can set up a campaign withing minutes with this WordPress plugin –

Creating a campaign with WPAdCenter
Simply fill out a couple of fields –
Campaign name
Advertiser’s name
Duration of the campaign

Adding media to a campaign cannot get any easier –

WPAdCenter offers a great deal of flexibility for uploading ad banners to a campaign.
You have three convenient options here –

Adding banners to WPAdCenter

  1. Directly Uploading a banner from your computer.
  2. Providing a link to the banner.
  3. Or simply adding a banner’s AdSense HTML code.


WPAdCenter gives a great deal of control to a publisher in terms of creating and managing a campaign.