Earn More from Your Ads

Increase conversion rates by allowing customers to pay you directly by integrating PayPal or Stripe.

Get the most value for every impression, deliver better experiences, and manage your entire ads business from one easy-to-use, integrated platform.

"This plugin features amazing functions to automatically collect payments for advertisements. It makes the tasks like banners addition and ads adjustments on a website quite easy for the users."
Sarah Clarke
"This plugin helps you attain a detailed statistics report of your advertising. On the top of that, it automatically collects payments. With the help of campaign scheduler, you can get full administrative control over advertisements."
WP Hosting Editor

Securely accept PayPal, major credit and debit cards

The payment option is your primary concern when you want to host ads on your site. Advertisers want an easy payment option. You need to assure it.

WP AdCenter is an all in one solution to all your problems when it comes to receiving payments from advertisers. 

WP AdCenter comes with PayPal and Stripe integration. It allows you to receive payments online. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin. 

Advertisers can buy and pay for ads

 If an advertiser wants to display his ads on your site, he can register on your website and proceed for payment.

You need to create a page for advertisers to signup on. Once user provides all the details and clicks on Submit button, user will be redirected to checkout page and will be able to complete payment similar to WooCommerce product.

Advertiser can easily use PayPal or Stripe for this purpose and make the payment with minimum hassle. 

Features of WP Adcenter

Automatically Collect Payment

Advertisers can pay online using Paypal IPN, you will receive an email notification when an order is received and you can choose whether to accept or deny it.

Advertisers Can View Their Stats Online

Once you approve an advertisers order, they will receive an email with a username and password and they can login to your site and check a graph of their stats so they can see how their campaign is going.

Offer Advertising for Sale

Offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase advertising directly on your site, simply create what packages you would like to offer – either time based (eg monthly) or impression based. Then drop a shortcode into a page on your site and WP AdCenter will create a signup form for advertisers.


For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 19 per year


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers
$ 59 per year


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 79 per year