The Complete Advertising Management Plugin for WordPress

WPAdCenter is a Powerful WordPress Ads Plugin. You can control every aspect of advertising on any WordPress powered website. Place banners or Ad scripts anywhere on your site. Compatible with Gutenberg & Popular Page Builders. Rotate banners or place multiple banners in any Ad-Zones

If your site is popular and has lots of traffic, it is quite obvious that multiple ads will come your way. But you have limited space. Where to occupy them is a big question. That is why you need a rotating ad widget. With WP AdCenter you will get your desired features to rotate your ads on your screens. This WordPress ad plugin gives you the option to place multiple ads in different ad zones and display them alternatively.      

Features of WP Adcenter Plugin

WP Adcenter is a WordPress plugin which gives us the following benefits:

  • You can set delays for your rotation as per your choice.
  • You can add different transition effects such as Fade, Fade Out, Scroll Horizontal, Scroll Vertical, etc.
  • You can show multiple banner ads on your screen –
    • Four banners  in the sidebar 
    • A large banner in the header 
    • A small banner at the end of each post

Why use Adcenter Plugin?

WP Adcenter is one of the most popular and easiest plugins to rotate your ads across your screen. Here are the reasons why you should go for the plugin: 

Multiple Widgets

WP Adcenter offers you a great degree of flexibility. There are many different widgets all over the screen. You can choose any of them to host your ads. You can display any ad anywhere. All you need to do is to put the ad codes in a zone and it will start appearing.

Schedule Rotation

WP Adcenter allows you to set the rotation of your ads yourself. You can manually set the time and date from which it will start appearing and till when it will be on display. After the given time, the ad will fade away and the next one will appear. After the period fixed by you, that too will disappear and another one will start appearing. And the process will continue.

Set the Order

You can also fix the order of the ads that will appear on your screen. You can set which ad will come after what. You can also add multiple transition effects to your ads. The plugin will automatically keep following your instructions.


For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 19 per year


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers
$ 59 per year


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 79 per year