Host Ads on Your Own Server

WP AdCenter allows you to act as your ad server. With this plugin, you may create your own banners and host them on your site. You may add multiple add zones across your screen and display ads wherever you want. It allows you to deliver personalized ads to the customers of every region and track ad performance. 

"It looks to be pretty impressive with reporting features, campaign management, and even the ability to sell advertising directly to potential buyers."
john saddington
"WP Ad Center is a premium ad management plugin for WordPress that supports unlimited ad zones and banner sizes. It provides detailed statistics about your ads and allows you to sell ads to advertisers via PayPal."
Kevin Muldoon

Advantage of Self-Hosted Ads

There are many reasons why hosting your own ads makes sense. Hosting ads on your own ad server means that you can create ads to promote your own content.
  • All the profits from the ads on your site are yours to keep
  • Set your own pricing 
  • Advertisers can sign up with one of the ad networks to advertise
  • No revenue sharing policy to follow 
  • Know which ad works better
  • Run any promotional offers
  • You decide which ads to keep
  • Tracking information is clear and easily visible in your admin dashboard

How WP AdCenter works?

Wp AdCenter makes the self-hosting of ads on your site very easy. Anybody can do it without any coding knowledge.

WP Ad Center allows you to host your own ads on your site in the form of banners. You may have multiple banners and rotate them in different ad zones of your choice.

It allows you to schedule the display of your ads. You may fix the period for which your ads will appear on your site. After that, the ads will be replaced automatically.

You may also track the performance of every single ad with the help of inbuilt analytics. 

Why Use WP Adcenter Plugin? 

Create and host your own banners

With WP AdCenter you may create your own ad and manage the display of it on your site. You can have multiple banners at a time and rotate them across different ad zones. You can place your ad zones anywhere on your site. Inside the ad zones, you may place as many banners as you want.

Schedule display

You can Schedule the display of your banners. You can put the dates from which date till when the ad will appear on your site you can also set which ad will appear after which ad. After the given period, the ad will be removed and the next ad that your schedule will begin to appear on your screen.

Check Ad performance

The pro version of the plugin offers you detailed statistics and analytics. The built-in statistics zones allow checking the performance of your ad. Seeing the impressions, you get to know which ad performs well. You may also register your advertisers with your site. Once registered, they too will be able to see the performance of the ad.

Host personalized ads

You may set the display location of your banners either ad zone or campaign wise. This allows you to deliver personalized ads to the customers of every region.

Unlimited Campaigns

A campaign is one set of banners running within an Ad Zone – create as many campaigns as you like so you can carry out testing to see which is the most effective. You can set automatic start and end dates for your campaigns.

Easy Ad Zone Placement

1. With a Shortcode – Paste a Shortcode in any Post or Page

2. Into Theme Files – Paste a PHP snippet anywhere in your WordPress Theme

3. With a Widget – Drop a widget anywhere in your theme where they are supported


For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 19 per year


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers
$ 59 per year


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 79 per year