The reviews are starting to come in …

One of the things I love about the WordPress community is that if someone launches a new product or service, news of it starts to travel fast and that’s what has happened with WP AdCenter. Since I made the initial launch post on WPLift, a number of other blogs have mentioned or reviewed the plugin so I thought I would list them here.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to review the plugin:

7 Comments on “The reviews are starting to come in …

  1. Congrats on the release of the plugin. I’ve been a huge fan of OIO Publisher for at least two years and have yet to see anything that comes close. I’d love to take a closer look at this particular plugin for review but it seems as though it’s not GPL kosher as folks are restricted to how many sites they can use the plugin on depending on the license they buy.

    It’s your choice on what you want to do with the plugins you create but I’d consider changing you’re plans to make the plugin GPL kosher. I think adoption and and the press surrounding the plugin would dramatically increase.

    • Hi Jeff,
      The plugin is 100% GPL as is all of my work 🙂
      The plugin is not encryped in any way and needs no license key to activate.

      The different licenses are sold purely for support – it costs me more to support unlimited sites, as oposed to 1 site.

      • Great to hear Oli. Now my question is, how do I get in touch with you to get a review copy of the plugin?

        • Ive contacted you though the WPTavern form 🙂

      • This plugin has control which categories your ad to appear ?

  2. Esse plugin tem controle em quais categorias o anúncio seja exibido

  3. This plugin has control which categories your ad to appear