Google AdSense Plugin for WordPress

Integrating Google AdSense in your WordPress website can be lot of work. Plus to insert the necessary scripts in the right places you’ll either need to be a coder or have access to developer team. And if you’re relying on theme support for this, you’ll have to contact support everytime you need to change something.

"The whole process of creating, maintaining and tracking ads through WP Ad Center is much easier and this is without doubt it’s greatest strength. It’s certainly one of the best advertising solutions available for WordPress. If you are looking for a good way of selling advertising on your website, I recommend checking it out."
"This multi-functional plugin allows you to have statistical reports on ad performances. It is the ultimate ad management tool. It covers everything from ad zones, management, statistics, and even enables you to allow advertisers to sign up and pay via PayPal for an ad on your website."

WP Adcenter can help you add Google Adsense ads

WP AdCenter makes everything easy. With WP AdCenter you can easily integrate Google AdSense with WordPress, display ads anywhere on your website, and make changes with just a few clicks.

No coding knowledge required for this. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin and click on some self-explanatory buttons. The rest will happen automatically.   

With this Google Adsense WordPress plugin, you will have full control over the display of the ads provided by Google AdSense on your account.

WP Adcenter Supports All Types of Adsense Ads

There are a number of Google AdSense ad formats. Some are more noticeable which means they get more clicks and bring more revenue.

The biggest advantage of using WP AdCenter is you don’t have to worry about the types of ads to be hosted on your site anymore. Install the plugin and host any type of ad on your website.  Some of the key ad formats it supports are auto ads, native ads, display ads, article ads, in-feed ads, link units.

Why use WP Adcenter Plugin?

WP Adcenter is a WordPress plugin specially designed for Google AdSense.  The key benefits of using WP Adcenter are:

  • Optimization of ad placement
  • Pull ads directly from your Google AdSense account
  • Automatic ad management
  • Show Adsense revenue in admin dashboard
  • Display responsive ads anywhere on your WordPress website using a Gutenberg block and simple shortcodes.
  • Supports all Google AdSense ad types
  • Change type and sizes of an ad without going into your Google AdSense account
  • Automatically start and stop ads by scheduling campaigns.
  • Add ad scripts in header, body or footer

Features of WP Adcenter

Unlimited Google Adsense Banners

Define as many Ad Zones as you like – Ad Zones are used to display the banners on your site. The Ad Zones can one banner at a time that rotates, or the can hold multiple banners which display at the same time. We include the standard IAB Ad unit sizes, but you are free to use banners of any size you like.

Google Adsense Ad types

WP Adcenter supports all types of Google Adsense ad types such as Google AdSense display ads, link units, native ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, matched content ads, and Google AdSense Auto ads. You can change the type and size of an ad without going into Google Adsense account.

Easy ad management

WP AdCenter will auto-refresh your ads. You can also rotate your ads or schedule start time and end time for your ads. You will get automated notifications. You can set the display location of the ads in an ad zone. You can also enable or disable the features. Insert ads into your posts or pages without any knowledge of coding.

Display Ads Easily

With WP AdCenter you can easily display Google AdSense ads on your site. All you have to do is to create ad zones. Place the ad code in the ad zones and the ad will appear on your screen. You need not have any coding knowledge to put ad codes on the ad zones and put the ads on display. You can have as many ad zones as you want.

Unlimited Campaigns

A campaign is one set of banners running within an Ad Zone – create as many campaigns as you like so you can carry out testing to see which is the most effective. You can set automatic start and end dates for your campaigns.

Easy Ad Zone Placement

1. With a Shortcode – Paste a Shortcode in any Post or Page

2. Into Theme Files – Paste a PHP snippet anywhere in your WordPress Theme

3. With a Widget – Drop a widget anywhere in your theme where they are supported


For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 19 per year


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers
$ 59 per year


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 79 per year