The Complete Advertising Management Plugin for WordPress

WPAdCenter is a Powerful WordPress Ads Plugin. You can control every aspect of advertising on any WordPress powered website. Place banners or Ad scripts anywhere on your site. Compatible with Gutenberg & Popular Page Builders. Rotate banners or place multiple banners in any Ad-Zones

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“WP AdCenter is an ideal plugin for a small to medium-size magazine or publishing website.” –

“WP AdCenter is an advanced plugin that will take care of all aspects of advertising on your WordPress powered websites. Whether you want to run your own advertising in the form of affiliate banners, Google Adsense, or any other advertising network you can think of, or you would like to offer advertising spots for sale on your site – it’s all possible with WP Adcenter.”

Oli, Founder , Kooc Media

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Powerful WordPress Ads Plugin

WP AdCenter is an advanced Responsive Ads plugin that will take care of all aspects of advertising on your WordPress powered websites. Whether you want to run your own advertising in the form of affiliate banners, Google Adsense, or any other advertising network you can think of, or you would like to offer advertising spots for sale on your site – it’s all possible with WP Adcenter.


WP AdCenter makes your ads more relevant to visitors with geo-targeting. This gives your ads a better click rate and also your visitor's website experience.

Tracking Ads

Get detailed statistics of your ads using the tracking feature of WP AdCenter. Display the statstics with informative graphs and analyze them easily.

Google Adsense Importer

With Google AdSense Importer you can automatically show ads without manually adding AdSense code. to your website

Detailed Statistics

WP Adcenter has a built-in statistics area where you can view impressions and clicks for each campaign. Your advertisers also have access to stats for their campaign.

Customer Support

We take support seriously and our support staff are on-hand to help with any questions you may have. You will have access to plugin updates , support and detailed documentation for 1 Year.

100% Satisfaction

We are so confident in the value of this plugin that you can cancel anytime within the 60-day refund period for your full money back.

Easy Ad-Management

Take control of Your Advertising. Complete, Responsive Advertising Management plugins available. Manage every aspect of your display advertising with one, easy-to-use plugin interface.

Unlimited Options

Unlimited Ad Sizes & Positions. Create as many Ad-zones around your site as you like, Integrates with Gutenberg & Popular WordPress Page Builders. Advanced users can also directly add code into theme files.

Online Advertiser Signup

Earn advertising income on auto-pilot Allow advertisers to signup directly on your site and pay for an advert. You choose whether to charge for impressions or period of time. Earn income completely hands-free.

Unlimited Adzones / Banner Sizes

Define as many Ad Zones as you like – Ad Zones are used to display the banners on your site. The Ad Zones can one banner at a time that rotates, or the can hold multiple banners which display at the same time. We include the standard IAB Ad unit sizes, but you are free to use banners of any size you like.

Unlimited Campaigns

A campaign is one set of banners running within an Ad Zone – create as many campaigns as you like so you can carry out testing to see which is the most effective. You can set automatic start and end dates for your campaigns.

Easy Ad Zone Placement

1. With a Shortcode – Paste a Shortcode in any Post or Page

2. Into Theme Files – Paste a PHP snippet anywhere in your WordPress Theme

3. With a Widget – Drop a widget anywhere in your theme where they are supported

Easy to Add your Media

You can easily place your banner or adsense code or any other kind of media using the easy add a banner screen, upload one from your computer, link to a banner online or simply paste in the code your ad network has given you.

Anything else you need to know ?

We’d be happy hear from you to discuss your requirements, please get in touch and a member of sales will get back to you.

Offer Advertising for Sale

Offer advertisers the opportunity to purchase advertising directly on your site, simply create what packages you would like to offer – either time based (eg monthly) or impression based. Then drop a shortcode into a page on your site and WP AdCenter will create a signup form for advertisers.

Automatically Collect Payment

Advertisers can pay online using Paypal IPN, you will receive an email notification when an order is received and you can choose whether to accept or deny it.

Advertisers Can View Their Stats Online

Once you approve an advertisers order, they will receive an email with a username and password and they can login to your site and check a graph of their stats so they can see how their campaign is going.

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Earn Blog Revenue

A simple way to automatically earn money by placing ads on your website.

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Easily Manage Ads

Powerful way to manage your Ads. Hands-Free way to make your blog work while you write. Integrates with popular Ad networks. 

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Best Practices

Adopts best practices for ad networks, banner sizes and placements. Works with popular page builders. Regularly updated to give you optimal placement for the most returns. 

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By default, Paypal is supported. Integration with WooCommerce (currently in beta) can be enabled on request. 

You can define the time duration of rotation. The Ads automatically rotates after that time. For e.g. If it’s 10 secs, the next ad appears after 10 secs of user viewing the page. 

You can make Ad Zones in the management area. These Ad zones can be added as widgets in sidebars or if the theme supports in the header / footer widget areas, within content or in sidebars. You can also edit any theme and add the code provided in the admin area. 

If you only run Adsense on your site, you can contact the support team who can guide you on configuring the plugin to optimize your Adsense earnings.

You can define the ads to show in specific locations. When the visitor views the page, the ads will be shown only to users who belong to the location you have selected.

The advertiser can opt for time packages (the ads will be run for specific duration, e.g. days, weeks, month). Impressions Packages are also available, Cost & impresssions both can be defined.

Yes, you can contact support to know about the full service packages available, including full site setup, Ad optimization & performance boost to improve site scores in Google PageSpeed.

Campaign & Ad level stats are available to see Impressions, Clicks. You can see the best performing Campaigns, Ads. Historical data is stored for easy filtering. You can also export in excel to analyze data offline.

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"WPAdCenter Is The Best Plugin We Found Suiting All Our Needs, Surpassed Only By It's Support."
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For Home Businesses and Solopreneurs
$ 19 per year


For Small Businesses and Professional Marketers
$ 59 per year


For Marketing Teams and Agencies
$ 79 per year

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