your ads with useful tracking data

Use impression count, click data. Visualize using graphs and filter data. 

Analyze your ads performance minutely

Analyze and optimize your ads and ad campaigns with in-depth data of impressions, clicks, and click through rates for each of your ads and ad groups.

Take Better Decisions

Optimize your ad types, sizes, styles, placements, etc. for best performance and higher impressions and clicks as per detailed statistics and reports.

Take Better Decisions
Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Export custom reports in CSV format for offline analysis. Third-party advertisers can also access the statistics area within the ad management plugin to view performance and export reports.


You can view detailed stats and reports under the reports tab of the WP AdCenter plugin in your dashboard.

You can see the views, clicks and CTR tracked by AdCenter as an all time summary, and of top performing Ads classified by clicks, CTR and Ad group.

WP AdCenter automatically tracks and registers impressions when a page is loaded and tracks clicks whenever an Ad is clicked on by an user. You can also track Ads with Google Analytics.

You can generate custom reports and statistics under the custom reports tab of the reports section. You can generate reports with graphs for your chosen time period, Advertiser and Ad. You can also download the reports in CSV format.

Insert Ads Easily

In Just 3 Steps

Purchase & install the WP AdCenter Plugin

WP Adcenter Plugin

Purchase & install the WP Adcenter Plugin. Go through the getting started steps in WP-Admin to configure your Plugin.

Create your own Ads

Create Your Ads

Create your own Ads. Link Ads, Banner Ads, or Third-Party Ad Scripts. You can choose any type, where you want to place them & see them in action.

Connect Your Site to Adsense

Connect Your Site to Adsense

If you already have an Adsense account, use the Adsense importer feature to connect and import your Ads to show them on your Ad Spaces.

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