How to set up Pop-Ads on your WordPress site

How to set up Pop-Ads on your WordPress site

There are several prominent ad networks available on the internet, and all have their own pros and cons. Most of us use the Google Adsense network but as we know it has its own set of compliances which can be a hassle and unpredictable at times. 

Hence, when we look for alternate networks, a popular name is Pop-Ads, it is one of the most used and versatile ad networks using which anyone can monetize their blog.

PopAds specializes in popunder ads, and guarantee that no other popunder ad network will pay better. It has millions of users who publish and advertise using the platform. Most people suggest this ad network for those bloggers who have been rejected by Google AdSense. 

As a publisher, you can join popads even if your website is new. You’ll have complete control over the ads that will be displayed on your site. PopAds ensures to keep its publisher income and data safe and claims to be the safest ad network. They also have added two-factor authentication and activity logs to enhance security. 

Let us dive deep and understand how to make this work on WordPress.

Unique features of PopAds

The edge of PopAds lies with a lot of targeting options and proprietary technology. It has anti-fraud filters built into our ad-serving system which gives a leading edge like passive user-agent spoofing detection. PopAds also maintains its own database of VPN and proxy IPs.

PopAds have the following key features that set it apart from other ad networks.

  • Pop-under ads: 

PopAds specializes in pop-under ads. The best part about this ad type is that it doesn’t require space on your webpage, since the ads pop up in a separate browser tab or window. This way, assures additional income for webmasters and bloggers. 

  • High CPM rate: is known for competitive prices. It pays a decent eCPM rate for publishers. The CPM rates vary depending on the traffic source (different rates for different countries). 

For websites receiving traffic from US, UK, the CPM rates can be upto $6 per thousand impressions. Publishers with traffic from other regions can expect average CPM rates of $2 to $4 per thousand impressions. 

  • Low payment threshold:

PopAds offer a fairly low payment threshold of $5. Hence, whenever publishers earn $5, they can easily withdraw their earnings through PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire transfer. The ad network also provides 10% referral income. 

Furthermore, the best thing about PopAds is that publishers can request money withdrawal anytime they want, unlike other ad networks that have 30, 40, 60 days of payment withdrawal duration. 

  • CPV model:

Publishers are in for a good advantage with PopAds because it supports the cost-per-view model. This means, whenever a visitor visits a website and clicks anywhere around the popunder ad, the publisher gets paid. The visitor doesn’t necessarily have to click on the ad.

How to get started on PopAds:

Monetization with PopAds is easy. All you have to do is register as a webmaster and wait for their approval email.  

While doing PopAds review, we didn’t find any specific requirements for getting popads approval. They will accept all kinds of websites including a subdomain, adult sites, and non-adult content.

After successful registration, you’ve to log in to your popads account, where you’ll come across several menus that will help you to manage the account efficiently.  

There are four PopAds, namely:

  • Pop-under
  • Pop-up
  • Tab-up
  • Tab-under

How To Signup with PopAds 

If you are a new user then you have to sign up to create an account in PopAds. When you will click on signup you would have to fill up all the important information such as username, email id, country name and in the “Account Type” section you have to replace the “Advertiser” with “Publisher”.

After filling up all the mandatory details you have to provide the information of your personal detail such as First name, Last Name and Phone Number. When all the information is correctly placed then you need to click on the register button.

After registration, you will get a verification link in your email Id, so log in to your email account for verifying your account.

When you have done the verification then you can log in to your PopAds account with your username and password.

When you will login into your PopAds account then you will directly enter into the dashboard.  You can see on the dashboard there are two types of panels. One is “Publisher” and the other is the “Advertiser” Panel. For placing an ad on the blog we have to work with the “Publisher panel”.

Adding a website using the PopAds network

Once you registered with the PopAds network then you have to add your website. You need to submit an application with your website details.

Once you added the details you have to wait until your website is approved.

Don’t worry if you see your status as pending, PopAds will definitely accept your website within one day.

After you reached the Dashboard of your account then click on ‘New website’ under the publisher account. And now add your website details and make sure you selected only the required fields.

After you’ve submitted your website information for PopAds then you’ll get a notification as your website is approved. Once you bought the notification then you’ll be ready to generate ad code.

Under the publisher panel click on ‘code generator’ then you’ll get a code of PopAds which you’ve got to put on your website.

Code Generator – > Select Website -> Copy the code.

After you generated the code just copy it. you’re just one step far away from placing the code on your website.

The pop ads will need to verify your website. albeit it must verify your website you’ll get instant approval.

Now it’s time to stick the code. The code itself has random ads and you can’t choose random ads in PopAds. Like AdSense code, you’ve got to stick it into your website body tag.

After you copied the code, it’s time to stick it into your website.

Be sure to stick the code at the proper place to verify ownership correctly. you’ll add as many websites as you would like to point out ads.

Go to Appearance -> Editor -> Find header.php -> Place the code in between <head> </head> tag and Upload file.

Once you upload the file after a couple of minutes you’ll see ads on your website. The ad types are going to be Pop-under ads which show within the new tab.

Final Thoughts

If you have liked this article then I would ask you to share it with your friends and those people who are looking for Adsense approval. PopAds was created as a self-service ad network with the idea of being easy to use and user-friendly. It has no strict rules, or months of waiting for payments, everything is fast and accessible in real-time.

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