Sell Ads on your website

Fully automated way to sign-up and charge advertisers. Create Ad packages based on clicks, impressions or duration.

Sell Ads on your website​

Fully automated way to sign-up and charge advertisers. Create Ad packages based on clicks, impressions or duration.

Define Ad Products

Create custom Ad packages based on Cost Per Days (CPD), Cost Per Clicks(CPC), or Cost Per Impressions(CPM). 

Professional order forms for advertisers to setup profile and pay for packages. 

Select site placement where ad product will be visible on.

WP AdCenter- Define ad products
WP AdCenter- View stats and alerts

View Stats & Alerts

Generate useful reports for your third-party advertisers to view campaign performance.

Advertiser dashboards to generate, view and filter Ad data. 

Setup alerts to inform them in advance about campaign expiry. 

Collect Payments Automatically

Integrates with WooCommerce seamlessly. 

Advertisers can easily pay using PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment gateway supported by WooCommerce in any regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can sell ad space using the built-in sign-up and payment forms for advertisers. Advertisers can purchase packages and ad zones, manage banners and view statistics for their ads.

Yes. You can sell advertising space using the advertiser sign-up form on the blog page.

WP AdCenter ad management plugin provides real-time and actionable data and reports for you and your advertiser. You can view impressions and clicks for every ad group you create. You can also export custom reports in CSV format for offline analysis.


You just need to display a front-end form to sign-up third-party advertisers and specify custom packages for them to select. You can decide the price of the packages that you choose to offer on your website.

Refer to below link for more info:

You can use the Payment Integration feature to collect payments from third-party advertisers. It works with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, and other payment gateways supported by WooCommerce.

Insert Ads Easily

In Just 3 Steps

Purchase & install the WP AdCenter Plugin

WP Adcenter Plugin

Purchase & install the WP Adcenter Plugin. Go through the getting started steps in WP-Admin to configure your Plugin.

Create your own Ads

Create Your Ads

Create your own Ads. Link Ads, Banner Ads, or Third-Party Ad Scripts. You can choose any type, where you want to place them & see them in action.

Connect Your Site to Adsense

Connect Your Site to Adsense

If you already have an Adsense account, use the Adsense importer feature to connect and import your Ads to show them on your Ad Spaces.

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