Importance of Landing Pages and Creatives in PPC campaigns

Importance of Landing Pages and Creatives in PPC campaigns

Confused why your PPC campaign is not bearing results? An appealing design and effective landing page is the formula to make a PPC campaign work. Both need to be perfect. An ideal combination of both can give you the desired result. Apart from these, there are several other factors that contribute to the success of your digital campaigns. In this article, we will tell you how to run a campaign successfully on your website. 

What is paid search marketing? 

Paid search marketing is a digital marketing strategy to increase the visibility of a website in the SERP or search engine result pages. It is also a popular way to connect the ads to the people who are actively searching for them.   

How online advertising works? 

Online advertising works in a way which is slightly different from that of traditional advertising. In traditional advertising, an advertiser buys add spaces in different media and then feature their ads there. That is not the case with online or digital advertising. Here, you pay only when a visitor completes a desired action on your ad that is on display. The action can be anything starting from viewing your ad or clicking on it to purchasing your products.    

There are two key terms that you need to get familiar with if you are planning to step into the world of digital advertising. These terms are DSP and SSP. DSP stands for the demand-side platform and SSP stands for the supply-side platform. All the website who sell their ad inventories come under the supply-side platform and on the other hand, the advertisers and the advertising agencies come under demand-side platforms. In between, there stand ad exchange platforms. The ad exchange platforms are commonly known as ad networks. They connect the advertisers with the publishers. If you connect to these platforms, you will get ads that will match your website contents and brand image. 

The payment method is slightly different when you partner with an ad network. In this case, you usually pay an upfront management fee which includes the cost of developing and managing your advertising strategy. 

There are many models used for payment in the digital advertising industry like PPC, CPM etc. PPC is the most commonly used method.         

What is a PPC campaign? 

The full form of PPC is pay per click. It is a model of online marketing in which the advertisers pay every time some visitor clicks on their advertisements. The goal of the PPC campaign is to lead the visitor who is visiting a webpage or search engine result page to click through to the advertiser’s app or website where he can complete the desired action set by you like purchasing a product.  

What is PPC advertising? 

A PPC advertising is nothing but a form of digital advertising model where the advertiser pays only when a visitor clicks on his ads. It is called PPC advertising because an advertiser pays using pay per click method. The words PPC campaigns and PPC advertising are used interchangeably. 

Ever wondered why your PPC campaign is not working? 

Many times you feel frustrated when your PPC campaigns don’t work well and fail to find the reasons why they are not giving the desired result. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a PPC campaign. Starting from your design to targeting methods, keywords etc. You need to carry thorough research about the key elements that make a PPC campaign work.  The most important factors are the creatives






and landing pages.  Here, we will talk about both the factors in details. 

Creatives and landing pages are 2 lifelines of PPC campaigns 

Creatives and landing pages are the two wings of a PPC campaigns. Both are of equal importance. If either one is not up to the mark, the campaign will not generate the desired result. You need to work on both to attain your digital advertising goals.   

Importance of a good design 

A catchy and attractive design attracts the eyes of the viewers. It creates interest among them to click on the ad and to view it. It is the first thing about your ads that your audience comes in contact with. All other factors come later. So, it has to very strong and powerful. It this fails nothing else will work. It should be so effective that users get compelled to visit your pages.     

Importance of a landing page 

A landing page is the next important factor. When a visitor clicks on your ads this is the page where they land. That’s why it is called a landing page. It has to be up to the level of expectation of our visitors. You should be able to understand what are the things that they will look for in your landing page. These elements should be displayed properly. People must find them easily. 

The other important thing is your landing page should be attractive enough to convert the visitors. The content must be appealing and arresting. It should be capable of initiating an action. The action can be anything depending on your purpose from sharing an email address to purchasing a product. Also, never forget to add a call to action button to your landing pages. It increases the chances of conversion.        

How to create a good banner ad? 

Creating an attractive banner is a challenging task. You should b able to read the mind of your target group to match their level of expectation. Here are some tips to create impressive PPC campaigns – 

Define your advertising goals 

The first and foremost step that you need to take to run your PPC campaigns is to set your goal. This defines the rest of the steps. Be sure about where you want to reach and accordingly convert it into a measurable and achievable figure. 

Find appropriate keywords 

Keywords are the most important elements of any campaigns. They are things that keep a campaign going. They do not just pull audiences but also helps the servers to locate you. So, always use high volume keywords. But don’t proceed randomly. Your keywords must match your purpose and convey the message you want to put forward through your campaign.   

Set your targeting 

Setting the right target is the key to achieve the maximum sales result. All your ad campaigns are directed towards this goal. A proper segmenting method helps you to position the product in the right way. It enables you to convince the target audiences that your product is specially designed for them and it will be beneficial to purchase the product. So, finetune your targeting before putting the campaign on media. 

Select the best landing pages 

If your campings are effective, they create certain expectations among your target group. They look for certain elements on your landing pages. You must make sure that those are present there. Also, your landing pages should be able to hold them back and initiate an action of conversion. So, match the landing page content with the appeal that you create through your ads. Build your landing pages techniques carefully to make your campaigns successful.   

Create multiple ad groups 

It is always better if you can deliver personalised campaigns and that is only possible if you create multiple ad groups. Each target group has its own preferences and values. If you devote a single ad group to a particular set of audience, it will work better. You can set your ad groups based on anything like geographical location, age of the customers, income and many more. Your purpose will define your segmenting style. 

Do A/B testing 

Always make more than one copy of your ads and go for an A/B testing to check which one is more effective. After that go for the copy that wins. It assures maximum result.  

How does WPadcenter Pro help you in PPC campaigns? 

If you want to display ads on your website, there are two different options available to you. Either you can partner with an ad network and receive ads as per your choice or you can create your own ads. But both options need some kind of technical skills. And you need to put some effort. Many times you don’t feel like moving head because you think it will be too tiring to create, display or manage the ads on your site. This is where WP AdCenter can help you. This is a plugin designed specially to get you connected to various ad networks and help you to create your own ads if you want.  

WP AdCenter Pro

WP Ad Center

This is a powerful WordPress plugin for ad management that gives you total control over the ads that are on display on your site. You can manage every single element of the ads. There are features to custom the size and position of the ads. Also, you may control the rotation of the banners or display ads on your screen. You can manually schedule the display. Apart from these, it pulls ads from ad networks and displays them on your site without using any custom code. It does not require any technical knowledge. The plugin allows you to limit the number of ad impressions per person. 

The biggest advantage of using the  WP AdCenter plugin is you don’t need to worry about the types of ads to be hosted on your website at all. It supports all digital ad types. Just install the plugin and host any type of ad on your website without any difficulty. 

WPAdCenter comes with a Google AdSense importer, with this you can display ads from any networl without having to put code on your website.

WP AdCenter Pro is also a great tool to create your own banners. You can add membership features to your site for local advertisers and design ad banners for them. You may create as many aad zones on your site as you want and put them anywhere on the pages. It also offers ad analytics features. No need to go for any additional plugin for that purpose. It gives you detailed statistics and reports about individual ads. You can download these reports with a single click.

The plugin is available at $19 per year. You can get it from the official website of the plugin, club.  

Here are some of the key features of the plugin – 

  • Online advertiser sign up 
  • Display as anywhere on your site 
  • Detailed statistics and report 
  • Auto-refresh ads 
  • PayPal and Stripe  integration 


If you can design your PPC campaigns and landing pages properly, your conversion rate is bound to improve. We have given some widely used methods shred by the field experts to make your campaigns effective. If you are struggling to increase your traffic or conversion, try the methods, within a few days, you will see the result.   

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