WP AdCenter Pro Version 5.2.2 Released with In-Feed Ads and Affiliate Link Management

WP AdCenter Pro is here with new features to make your WordPress ads management even more easier and effective.

Here are the latest features:

1. In-Feed Ads

With in-feed ads, you can now place ads in between the posts on your homepage or other pages where you have a content feed.

There are three major benefits you will get with the In-feed ads:

  • These ads offer a much better user experience. The ads are in line with the reader’s flow and suit the look and feel of your website.
  • The in-feed ads also let you monetize the unused spaces on your WordPress site, i.e. the spaces in the content feed.
  • In-feed ads also perform very well on mobile devices as they perfectly fit the space available on smaller screens.
In-feed ads by WP AdCenter WordPress Ads Plugin
WP AdCenter In-Feed Ads

2. Affiliate Link Management

This feature will let you manage all your affiliate links from a single dashboard. You can scan your website to see which pages/posts have affiliate links. You can see the click performance of all the links on all the pages. Also, compare the number of clicks on different affiliate links over time to optimize their placements.

WP AdCenter Affiliate Link Management

3. Dynamic Ads with Animation

With this feature, you can now host dynamic ads with animation effects on your WordPress website. These ads combat ad blindness very well, ensure more user attention, and get more clicks.

WP AdCenter Dynamic Ads with Animation

To update your current WP AdCenter Pro plugin, please go to the ‘Plugins’ section in your WordPress dashboard and then click on ‘Update Now’.

If you do not have the Pro version yet, get it now from Club WPeka.

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